To provide an ecologically inspiring space for emerging theatre artists to collaborate, create and grow.


It is our vision to have a center just beyond the five boroughs of New York City where theatre artists of all disciplines live and work for a weekend or up to 6 weeks. A place where the art of theatre is elevated by the gift of time, space and peaceful atmosphere. A space that also serves as a center for theatre arts in the local community via seminars, workshops, summer camp, studio work space and special performances. In addition, partnerships with local farmers and green builders are fostered in order to provide fresh food and sustainably built living and work spaces. 


After commiserating with a variety of theatre artists about the lack of inexpensive rehearsal space in New York City, I decided to do something about it. No one should be choreographing full musicals in their tiny studio apartment living rooms. While brainstorming with friends, I noticed not only how exhausted I was but how exhausted everyone else was running around the city from survival job to grocery store to auditions back to noisy apartments. I had heard that New Yorkers are depleted of qi (life force) due to their hectic lives. But add the rigors of the artist life, and it's a wonder anything gets created. Some of the best ways to restore qi, of course, are by eating fresh food, breathing clean air, and being in the quiet of nature: qualities not found in NYC. Thus the concept for "Retreat Beyond the Boroughs" was conceived.